Happy Birthday Dad!

We celebrated my dad's 80th birthday. Well, I celebrated here, far away from my family, while they were all together in Southern Germany enjoying my mom's cakes (she made three) and a wonderful pork roast for dinner. Dang.
But we tried to be part of the party by sending him congratulations via video. Happy Birthday Dad!

Werner, my dad

At the same time I found this wonderful article in the September issue of Vanity Fair which I would like to share. It's a witty, heartfelt  poetry by Kirk Douglas. I love this.

Mom and Dad in the 50s in Berlin

My parents have been married over 50 years and still sit side by side watching TV, holding hands (whenever my mom is not knitting) and enjoying each others company. Very sweet.
My dad can repair anything and he is very creative with building a replacement part from scratch, which also means he collects lots of stuff which could be used for something one day. He worked hard, mostly shift and on weekends, we did not get to see him as much as kids. He was an airline engineer and in the very old days, before all this crap happened and there was no security needed, he once took me to work and I played around under an airplane wing while he had to get something done. And once he put me in the co-pilot seat while he taxied the aircraft to the hangar (we are talking about large passenger planes here, probably a DC-8). Wow, I can't even imagine anyone being able to do that today with his kids. Lucky me. Thanks, Dad.

Me and my dad 1960 in Tehran

PS: I am devastated because I misplaced two wonderful photos that I wanted to scan for this post. I cannot remember where I put them and I have looked everywhere. I am almost afraid that I threw them in the trash with some receipts and my shopping list. That would be the worst case. Here instead is a picture showing my dad's funny side. He can be silly and to a teenager sometimes very embarrassing. Nowadays I just enjoy his awkward comments over the phone and laugh at his strange humor which he sometimes has. I am still hoping on finding the photos and then I will add them to the post.

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