First projects

I participated in a short meme once and one of the questions was 'what was your first knitting project?'
I can hardly believe it myself that it was a cardigan. Here is a picture of me around 1973/74 in my room on my bed, knitting away.

The yarn was worsted weight in grey. My mom helped me find the pattern, probably out of a Burda knitting magazine. I also remember that my dad had to take the time to drive us all the way downtown in Tehran into the fabric district of the bazaar, there we found a store that also carried yarn and buttons. I am sure that the yarn was 100% wool and very soft to the touch. My mom selected the yarn strength to go with the pattern as she knew all about gauge. The pattern itself must have been easy to follow as most german patterns are. Garter stitch all the way, one back, two fronts, two sleeves and a small rectangle as a collar, oh and two pockets. Wow!  I remember wearing the jacket to school many times and I actually still have the buttons.
What was your first knitting project?

I can always follow the instructions of a pattern and if it is well written, any knitter can. So I assume my mom had chosen well.

My HMS Surprise top on the other had does not have any instructions and I am going on by the seat of my pants. Knitting on the second piece and we shall see....

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