A velvet blanket

Non-knitting topic this time. It's about sewing. I have a basic Singer machine. Not too many buttons, dials or touchscreens on this one. Forward, backward, zigzag, buttonhole, that's all I need. I have many projects in my head, but no fabric except for a few old denim pants.

One of my ideas floating around in my dream world is to recreate a velvet throw blanket that my mother-in-law used to have in the early 70s in Tehran. They were called "patoo-makhmali" which means blanket of velvet. Hers were in a dark red color with orange and yellow tacky printing on one side, blank red on the other side. The shorter sides showed off yellow/gold fringes. They were not beautiful, but they were so wonderful to cuddle up with for an afternoon nap. The material felt heavy but yet was cool. So you could use them in the winter and the summer time (at least that's how I remember them).
When my brother-in-law went back to Iran to visit family after 25 years, I asked him if he could bring me one of those wonderful blankets. Unfortunately, he was not able to find any and I was not able to find anything about them on the internet.

So here was my idea, I thought I could make one myself, so I went out to a fabric store and after touching all the fabric that looked velvety, I finally found a stretch-velvet that seemed to fit the feeling and the heaviness. It's in a dark-chocolate brown color mixed with a few lighter mauve colored swirlies. As a backing I chose a (stretch?) satin in a dark mauve color. They go perfectly together.
Of course, I had read that sewing velvet and another fabric together could be trying. So why did I not even think about trying a smaller swatch, maybe a pillow first? No, I jumped right into a full-size 3 yard long duvet cover. Lying on the floor trying to pin these two fabrics together with two dogs thinking "Yeah-it's play time" sure was a bitch. But I did it and I started to sew the seams.

It's not perfect, but it turned out nicer than I thought. The blanket feels heavy but comfortable and I am thinking of keeping the opening (where I turned the fabric) and add a button or two to be able to use it as a duvet cover. I have more fabric left and I should make a pillow case.

So, now the blanket has been thrown over an old chair to cover it (the chair). I have not taken out my sewing machine in weeks. Sewing just does not seem to be my thing. I see the results of a project pretty fast opposed to knitting, but I really do not enjoy sewing. Maybe I should take a class.

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  1. Congratulations ,nice job on the blanket !

    Sewing is really not my cup of tea. I once entertained thoughts of taking up quilting , but changed my mind whenever I think of my past attempts with the sewing machine . Let's just say they were less than successful and leave it at that .