Short Knitting Meme on Google+

This is what I posted on my Google+ account. I have a circle full of knitters and it's nice to follow updates in real time.

A quick knitting meme I saw +Yana Weinstein complete - lot of answers are the same for me.

1) My favorite things to knit - lace shawls. Either triangular, which are fun to knit, but not my favorites to wear, or the rectangular form if they are in one piece, no kitchener stitch for me.
2) My least favorite thing about knitting - counting stitches. I have to count several times and still get a different number each time
3) My first finished object - a cardigan in thick grey yarn, knitted when I was 17.
4) If I could take only one yarn brand to my desert island it would be - Malabrigo.
5) My current knitting obsession is - looking for my next pattern to knit. I love to browse through all those wonderful patterns on Ravelry.

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