My 5-way No-Cable Shrug

Although knitting has been put on the back-burner for a while now, every now and then I grab my project and knit a row or two. And even at this slow pace I was able to finish my black 5-way no-cable shrug. I like how it turned out and it is a great piece to wear at the office when the a/c is blowing like crazy.

buttoned in front

When I saw the pattern by Lily Chin on Ravelry I just thought what a great idea it was to place buttons on opposite ends of a rectangle to make it wearable in so many different ways (why did I not think of that?).

The cable pattern on the other hand was not really what I had in mind for a rectangular shawl. I had been thinking about the shawl I had once seen in a movie. Reese Witherspoon wore it in Sweet Home Alabama in one short scene.  Hers is in a light blue color with a darker edge and knit on a bias. I reversed the color, black with a grey edge while mine is not knit on a bias. It's a simple basket weave pattern and a crocheted edge. The measurements came out as the pattern suggested 16” (40cm) wide and 55” (150cm) long.


The yarn I chose for this project is called Arcadia by Cascade Yarns and is a Cotton (80%) Angora (20%) blend. I enjoyed knitting with this yarn and even though it is cotton, it runs easily through your fingers and feels so light and soft to knit. The finished piece is also soft, squishy and light. Knitters commented on Ravelry about the splitting of the yarn, which is true, but this is actually true for most cotton blends and a matter of getting used to. Unfortunately this yarn has been discontinued.


The grey yarn which I used for the edge is some leftover mercerized cotton I have had in my stash for many years. I am very happy to have used it in a pretty project and it works perfectly with the Arcadia.
The funny thing is, that I ran out of yarn two inches before the end. That made me scramble to my 'under-the-bed' stash. I remembered that I had already used some of the grey yarn in my Logcabing Blanket  and I desperately needed that yarn. So I unraveled the blanket to that point and was able to secure some more leftover grey yarn to finish those two inches. What a struggle that was. In the end all was well and I am very happy with the results.


As I did not have a model or cameraman, as usual, the chair is modeling the shrug in three different ways. The dogs of course did not want to be left out of the photo-shoot.

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