Knitting Relief

Yeah, I have reached chart 3 of my knitting project "Hamamelis" shawl. I really do not know why this has been such a struggle up to here. The pattern is not too difficult, on the right side that is. It's the return rows that were giving me the issue. I am so used to pearling back without counting stitches, that this threw me off so many times.
And, I do not know why my stitch count is so off. I have repeated Chart 2 four times and my count is 256 stitches opposed to 231 stitches. No clue what happened here. Each pattern row ended on the dot, no additional stitch or missing stitch, so do not know what's up here. I may be miscounting, who knows.
Now it's a breeze from here. Good thing is, that I can bind off any time I want to. So let's see how far my yarn will go. 1 repeat of Chart 3 done tonight.

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