FO Hamamelis

I finally finished my latest shawl, the Hamamelis pattern. I called it my "Persian Hamamelis" because of the colorway of this Malabrigo yarn which is called Persia. The yarn dyer probably felt the same way about these wonderful colors in different shades of blues, turquois and grays and they reminded him/her of the dominant blues in Persian mosaics tiles. The pattern of the Hamamelis also reminds me of the intricate patterns on these tiles which can be found on walls, ceilings and arches especially in mosques all over the country.
Wikimedia Commons


I enjoyed knitting this pattern, and then again I did not. I mentioned before that I had difficulties keeping up with the knit and purl stitches on the wrong side.

The patterns I usually choose require concentration on a lace chart for the right side of your knitting and then an easy purling on the wrong side. I prefer feeling like, "Row 3 Concentrate! Row 4 Relax. Row 5 Concentrate! Row 6 Relax....."

In this pattern I had to pay attention to every row. So, I only enjoyed knitting every other row until I made it to chart 3. Then it was a breeze and I just knitted on without paying too much attention to the pattern. Well, I should have. The ending has two rows of Yo/k2tog followed by three rows of knitting. My yarn did not make it to the last three rows, so I bound off earlier and was left with a 12 inch yarn end. That was fine with me (no need to unravel again) and I am very happy with the result.

I love the softness of the Malabrigo yarn and the beautiful color mix on the shawl. Too bad that the color does not show its wonderful blue hues. I will just have to wear it to show it off one day in fall.
Have a great last day of August.


  1. Very pretty, love the colour and the pattern!

  2. It is beautiful Suzanne! You seem to have a lot of patience :)