Filofax Journey continued

In my ideal FiloFax world I would love to have only one FF with all the information in one place that I would carry around with me so that all is in immediate reach. That was how I used my FF in the 80s.
I could have my book list, my knitting patterns, travel sections, etc. accessable with one flip of a tab.
I actually do not like using multiple binders, having one FF for travel only, or one for knitting projects only would not work for me. All in one is my preference. But that would mean I would be carrying a huge heavy binder around with me. And of course not to forget all those pens that I love (over 20). That is way too much weight for me nowadays. And with all the identity scare, I rarely carry any personal information on me besides my drivers license and a debit card.
On the other hand, how can I resist when all these wonderful models and sizes are available - of course, I wouldn't mind owning multiple binders.

So, in my last FiloFax post in June I wrote about my new set up which I hope will work. I have since appointed my Personal Domino as the main information center at home. All appointments, contact information, important phone numbers, financial information, insurance, Home info, everything that I could think of is entered here. My kids have been informed that that's the place to look up stuff if needed.
It also holds any gift cards that we all may have received at one time or another and I am very happy with this solution.

My Mini Finsbury has been used as a wallet. Behind the green section I keep Shopping Notes where I list things that I plan to shop one day. Example: copper welding rods (to use for blocking knitting projects) with exact sizes and diameter. That is followed by another green tab where I keep a 'tab' on my expenses.

My Pocket Domino Italia is tucked in my purse and my all-day note taker. It lies flat on my desk at work and as soon as a thought, idea, book, quote is worth jotting down, that's where it will go.

Always have the recipe for a drink handy ;-)

I write these on the current day page (day-per-page) and if needed, I can transfer notes to the home FF or check out books or webpages when I am at home. This is the way I have set it up for now and I will keep an update on the progress. I am not sure which type of diary refill I will be getting for 2012. As I do not need a detailed appointment book for myself (occasional hair/or doctor apptm and birthdays are usually the only dates that I keep track of at home) and at work I use Outlook for scheduling multiple calendars, I think a "week per page with notes" would be sufficient.

My tabs are not final and I guess they will never be. Moving them around to find how they work best for me, is a constant activity.
I have kept the 1-6 dividers, just added a piece of colorful paper in front of the tab which I cut to size.
Tab 1 = Days
Tab 2 = The 411
Tab 3 = Travel
Tab 4 = empty
Tab 5 = empty
Tab 6 = Words - list of books, vocabulary, Kindle list
The A-Z dividers are currently not being used.

The pocket size is handy to carry around and a catch-all for scribbles and notes.
I am using a retractable 0.7 pencil I found at Staples in different colors.
And the journey goes on.

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