Ten on Tuesday - 10 Favorite Love Songs

Great topic, I love love-songs. And I love the old songs and the more tears they bring to my eyes, the more I love them. They always seem to be associated with a broken heart.... Sucker....

And of course there is always a memory attached to each song. As far as I look back I was hopelessly in love with one guy, so I was heartbroken throughout my teenage years. Some of the songs still bring back those memories and tears. So, how long does it take to get over your first love? Now after 40 years, you should be so over it, girl....

  1. Love Hurts, performed by Nazareth (the first time I heard this, our class was on a field trip in 11th grade. As we were on a hike I was singing at the top of my lungs, not caring that I cannot carry a tune - my poor classmates)
  2. Knights in White Satin, Moody Blues (ah yes, slow dancing to this one at the Ice Palace)
  3. Words, BeeGees (any BeeGees song makes me cry today, because they are no more)
  4. Everything I do, I do it for you - a raspy voice always does it for me, so does a deep voice, actually
  5. The Dance, Garth Brooks (the lyrics hit the spot. There was only one dance with the one I was in love (I was 14 mind you) and that was it, but I will never forget it or him
  6. Time in a bottle, Jim Croce (this was a repeat on my cassette player)
  7. Crying, Roy Orbison (today I like the duet mix with K.D.Lang)
  8. Need you now, Lady Antebellum (sometimes I have too much to drink and I need him now too)
  9. Herz aus Glas, Muenchner Freiheit (this is such a cheesy song, performed by a German band)
  10. I fall to pieces, Patsy Cline (today I like the version performed by Aaron Neville and Trisha Yearwood)
  11. All by myself, Eric Carmen (the very first version from the 70s - also one of those songs I like to sing along and I ain't no Celine Dion)
  12. Susie Q, John Fogerty - CCR (everyone named Susi must love this one)
  13. Just Around the Corner, Cock Robin (I used to listen to this guy endlessly in the 80s)
  14. Con Te Partiro, Andrea Bocelli (this was the first song I heard by Andrea B and I fell in love with it at once)
  15. Bleeding Love, Leona Lewis (I like this song since I saw the dancing performance on the show, "So you think you can dance" watch the link)
Stop me, I have too many.
Not to forget Elvis Presley, Barry White, Hot Chocolate, Dr. Hook
I know, I had the weirdest love-songs on my tapes.

Ok, Carole, you got me there. It was nice listening to some of these old tunes again.


  1. I wanted to add Lady Antebellum but had already posted too many. Isn't that song great! Nice list.

  2. I had to force myself to stop at 10 or my list would have gone on forever. I love yours - especially "The Dance"... brought back memories of my 26th birthday when he sang it to me... of course, it was in a coliseum full of people but still - we knew... lol.

  3. Great selection of songs :-)