Ten on Tuesday - 10 Books You Would Recommend to a Friend

Another nice topic for a bookworm. These are books that I would recommend. They may not be the top ten on my list, but they are the ones that I will always remember:

Desiree - Annemarie Selinko

I read this book when I was 14 (in German). I loved it. It is a historical novel of a young woman in love with Napoleon. Later she married the man who stepped onto the throne of Sweden (Bernadotte). It's a wonderful love story and a great step to learn about the french revolution.

Cat's Eye - Margaret Atwood. This was the first novel I read by Margaret Atwood and it got to me. Part of it describes a long ago friendship where her best friend was pretty cruel to the narrator. She has to deal with her feelings now after so many years,when she returns to her hometown.

Digging to America - Anne Tyler
I love books by Anne Tyler, the first one I read was Breathing Lessons and since then I have been hooked on all her books. This one is so close to home as it describes a Persian family adopting a Korean baby. The Persian family's grandmother reminds me so much of my mother-in-law. Totally the same annoying habits. Only someone who has one of those MIL can relate to her. It just made me smile all the way. I can imagine this turned into a movie and Shohre Aghdashloo in that role.

The Third Angel - Alice Hoffman. Another of my favorite authors. I think I have read all her novels too. Did you know that she wrote Practical Magicwhich is such a cute movie with Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman. This book gripped me the most. It's like a fairy tale, most of her books are, and she is so great at linking three stories together that are about love, loss and hope.

The Cider House Rules - John Irving. Also a book I read many years ago.

Snowflower and the Secret Fan - Lisa See. I just finished this book and I really liked it. It's kind of an biography of a family in the 19th century China and a life-long friendship between two girls. I look forward to reading more of Lisa See's books.

Pontoon - Garrison Keillor. If you want to laugh - I laughed tears - this is a good book. It's one of his Lake Wobegon stories and he knows how to place humor in religion, death and a funeral on a lake.

The God of Small Things - Arundhati Roy. I have read many Indian novels and this one is by far the most interesting. Behind a family tragedy it describes social and political background in the India.

The Magician's Assistant - Ann Patchett. So far my favorite book by AP.

Case Histories - Kate Atkinson. Three cases are investigated by a detective and they all seem to link together in the end. A very entertaining book.

Of course there are so many more books I like. Not to forget the Stieg Larsson Trilogy, Amy Tan, Lily Tuck, Anita Shreve, Joyce Carol Oates, etc.

I have just picked up Water for Elephants. Just at the first chapter but I am curious to see if it is a good book as it is such a hype now.

As I have not been knitting a lot, books have been my companion again in the past few months. So I look forward to reading the other entries on Carole's blog and make a note of new books to read.


  1. I had forgotton about the Magician's Assistant! I read that a few years ago and loved it. Great list!

  2. You have so many of my favorites on your list! Wonderful books -- and great authors! (Have you read the rest of the books by Kate Atkinson -- that spin off from Case Histories? They're all great!)

  3. @dianne - her book "Bel Canto" was a good read too.
    @Kym - I have read quite a few of Kate Atkinson's books, the next one on my list is "Not the end of the world".