My little red one

My Domino Italia - ta dah!
In red. A Pocket. Ok, so it's not a leather Filofax. After using the Finsbury, I do enjoy the real leather feel. That's ok. I have no idea why I ordered this one (again through my sister from the Italian FF site). Maybe because it was on sale, or because of the nice red color or because it's a Domino.

Sofar I have only been using my Personal Domino. I have always been using the personal size since the 80s and it has worked well for me. In the late 90s I gave the paper diary a break as I was excited about all the new electronic devices popping up, using several versions of the Palm. Although I have a Blackberry today and still sync it with my Outlook at work, I went back to paper, just because I missed it so much. The personal sized Filofax was again in my purse, actually until just recently, where I had to scale down the weight I carry around every day. So, I have converted this binder to be the main home organizer. Or let's say I am in the process of doing so. All important info (in detail), addresses, appointments are entered in the blue Domino. It lies open (flat) on my dresser (which I have kind of converted to my desk) next to my netbook, pencil cup holding multiple pens and my mail sorter. It's a system which should work well, as I can check on my daily or weekly appointments every morning and enter updates in the evening. (I am actually still working on compiling all the information to be entered).

Now to put this Pocket Domino to use somehow. It came with an Italian one-week-on-two-pages calendar. My dear sister bought me an English one-day-on-a-page diary as she was not sure what would be included in her order. I exchanged it and as this is the first time that I am using a one-page-a-day I noticed how much space it takes up. I removed the pages up to the month of June. And I will be trying it out as my "dear diary".

The other tabs are still in in the works. If I do carry this pocket with me, there is some info that I want to have access to at all times (but not as detailed as in the home organizer), like my insurance stuff, car stuff, family sizes, room measurements (you never know when you come across a great deal), travel stuff, yarn stuff..... I am not really convinced. Maybe I do like the Botanic more or maybe the Pocket size does not work for me after all.
I must admit that I checked on other Filo blogs via Philofaxy on how they are using their pocket to get more ideas.

Dear Filofax Fans, isn't that what it's all about? Setting up a Filofax, trying it, re-arranging it, buying a new one, different size, color, material. Trying it, etc.
It's a hobby (obsession), which sometimes could be functional, if I wouldn't change it so many times!!!

I do have to add another picture:
Doesn't this sad face deserve a treat? Yes, I think so too.



  1. Anonymous8:12 PM

    Give Coops a treat for me too :)

  2. It does not have to be leather to be a precious Filofax. :) I love my Dominos, although the Italian style is so cute.

    That page a day is perfect for a daily journal. And, yes, part of the joy of Filofax is playing with them. ;) Enjoy!