Botanic Pocket

I could not resist these two pretty Filofaxes. The Botanic, pocket size. They were also on sale on the German Filofax site.

Both are so pretty, I even like the pink one. And I love the buttons. Well, my daughter chose to take the green one. She is just out of college and the reminder book that she had been using for class needs to be replaced. She is planning on setting up her first Filofax. I hope she enjoys it as much as I did my first one.

So, the pink one is left. Did I mention I love the buttons? The interior is light creme colored, feels suede like. It has four pockets on the left and a large pocket on the right inside. It does not lie flat when opened. The closure is a sturdy thick rubber band that locks around the pretty button.

I do not have any idea how to use this one yet. I will put it this to the side and pull out the next Filofax that I ordered.....

To be continued.

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  1. Very pretty ! I had no idea , where have all these beautiful filofaxes been all my life?! Enjoy, looking forward to what the next one will look like ...