Binder or Wallet, Wallet or Binder?

I am surprised I did not unpack these beauties when they arrived. But I had to wait for some quiet time and after all visitors had left, my fingers were itching to get started with setting up the first one. It's the Finsbury Mini in green. After reading a post on Philofaxy on using the Mini as a wallet, I thought about that idea as well. This Finsbury was on sale on Filofax Italy. I chose green, as pink is not so much my color. The leather smells good and it is soft to the touch. The binder itself is rather sturdy, and it seems that it will make a good wallet.

It has three slots on the left inside on top of a larger pocket, and there is a zippered compartment for change on the right inside. Clasp and pen loop are in the same beautiful green leather. It is a perfect wallet due to the full length pocket in the back that will hold bills.

So, I started customizing it. I read on a comment post via Philofaxy how to make clear pocket holders for additional plastic cards. I had these business card sheets, cut them up, marked punch holes and used my personal sized Filofax hole punch, fiddled with it and was able to get the holes in the right place. 
Then I found I had some green index cards at home, I also marked the punch holes and cut a few to size. They are used as dividers for now.

In the left inside slots I have placed my most used cards, driver's license and some stamps. After the first divider I have added the plastic holders and filled them with additional cards, like credit cards, membership cards, Starbucks card, insurance cards etc.
Followed by a divider and quad note paper, a divider and lined notepaper, a divider and a few sheets of address paper. I have removed the diary and the A-Z dividers.

My Finsbury will be used only as a wallet, no diary needed. I will use the notepaper as shopping list and to jot down random ideas. I have also kept a few pages of the address forms, thinking, if I run into someone and want to jot down their contact info, then these pages will serve their purpose.

A few months ago, I found these small colorful gel pens at Staples. They only write in black, but I like the size, they fit perfectly into the FF pen loops and they also write pretty smoothly. I could not decide which color to choose for my wallet. I took the green one for now as its color is a perfect match.

Xeno pens from Staples

So, I am all set. I was able to fit all my necessary cards and I have notepaper to scribble on. I have covered the cards in the plastic holders with either a picture or one of my doodle art works. This way they are not as exposed when I open my wallet. Now I just have to try it out for a while and see how I like it. For today, the first day, I can already say that my purse feels so much lighter, as my previous wallet was one of those large monsters.

Now to reveal the next new Filofax.... to be continued.

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  1. I love that colour! I didn't know there were green finsbury.