Not much to talk about here....

I am busy cleaning, sorting and making some space. My sister is visiting for 9 days. This has been planned quite some time to clebrate my kids' college graduation. Now she called and asked if she could bring her granddaughter along, together with the mom, her maybe future daughter-in-law. As we do not have that much space, and my son and his girlfriend are also going to visit, and there are the two dogs and my car is not large enough to fit all, it is going to be tight. Well, the more the merrier.
So now these upcoming two weekends are reserved for deepcleaning. You know, when you get on your knees and mop the floor behind the toilet. Also, time to declutter and give stuff to Goodwill. I have finally sorted my yarn, threw away scrap yarn, yes threw it out, it's gone. And tucked away my unfinished objects. No way I can knit at this time. My hands are still not cooperating. My connection to yarn and knitting is gone too. I have no feelings for them anymore. I don't care about the yarn wrappers, what the name was, what the yardage is, they are gone. In the trash. I had added them to the Ravelry stash anyway. I noticed that I did not care about all the nice skeins that are now neatly arranged in a under-the-bed shoe organizer. Usually, I fondle them, admire the bright colors and imagine what I could knit. Gone. No feelings whatsoever. So, it's time to give them a break and check on them once in a while to see if the relationship is back on track.

I never mentioned the progress (or non-progress) on my hands. I had an appointment to go get an EMG/NCV test done. After procrastinating it for ages I finally went and it was done by a technician I guess. She definitely was not a doctor and that is how it usually is. So before she started, I asked her what this test is going to prove and who would be evaluating the results. Her answer was kind of vague, she would see with what speed the electric current would go through the nerves and could determine where the current would be slower and that would show that there is a blockage, something like that. Well, she taped the electrodes and stuff on the palm of my left hand and said, " this may be a bit uncomfortable" and pushed a button, Hell yeah it was. I jumped up and told her that I would not want to continue and to stop. Which was fine with her, but she asked if I would want to go ahead with the second test where they probe needles into the muscles to see the reaction. I don't think so. So I left without having the test done.
And now I am icing my hands every night. I have not called my doctor again.

Wishing all the mothers a wonderful Mother's Day. May you always be happy, healthy and always be dancing. (I would add the lyrics of LeeAnn Womack's song " I hope you dance", but that would take up too much space). When we get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope we dance..... Have a wonderful Mother's Day.

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  1. Wow that's going to be quite a crowd ! I hope that it works out and you can enjoy the visit with your sister .

    As for your hands maybe you really should see your doctor again or try and find another one that can fiqure out what the problem is . It must be wearing you out to be in pain all the time .

    Sending hugs and good wishes your way !