All is quiet again

The celebrations are over, the commencement walks are done and all visitors have left. It is quiet again. The only sound is my sniffling. No, I am not sad that they have gone, quite on the contrary. But I have a cold. It came at a most inappropriate time. Right in the middle of my vacation and it is a stubborn one, not leaving at all. My first day at work was not much fun, as I was dragging myself through the day. And tomorrow will not be much better.
There is some good news, though. I have picked up some knitting again. Starting out very slowly and just a few rows when I do. Let's see how my hands will take that.
And I have three new Filofaxes. My sister brought the European order with her. We had imagined to sit down one evening and set up the new Filos together, but that did not happen. She returned with hers unopened and I just sat down today and opened my first one.
It is going to be fun to set this one up. More to follow......

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