Yogi tea

is supposed to help me get out of my slump. I am drinking Kava Stress Relief. It tastes good, with a spoonful of sugar, as anything would. It says it helps melt away the stress. That sounds nice. I would not mind melting away into a soft bed myself. It's been crazy at work and the nights have been kind of a restless fight with the pillows. My hands still hurt, my left arm feels as if it has no strength left? What is up with that? I am finally having nerve and muscle tests done on Wednesday, let's see what the results will show. Maybe they will tell me, that there is something wrong with my hands, really? I knew that already. Yeah, I do not have much confidence in medicine.
I miss knitting in the evening, or during lunchbreak, on weekends, or in traffic.

C'mon, stay positive.......which is not so easy with all the sad stuff happening all over the world.

Too many women in my circle of friends and co-workers have been diagnosed with breast cancer in the month of March. That is so weird and almost scary. This weekend, I was invited to a Boobie-Voyage party. Which was a combo birthday party and farewell to the tatas in one wash. Surgery is tomorrow. Wow, everyone deals with their issues in a different way, I guess.

Today I was contemplating on deleting my Facebook account and this blog, but I am still here.

Ok, stay positive...
I had a wonderful weekend two weeks ago. Just going on a roadtrip, staying at a hotel for two nights and having some fun, a ballgame, a nice restaurant and great company - that is so refreshing.
We drove to Phoenix, AZ and watched the San Diego Padres play at their spring training location of Peoria, AZ. I researched restaurants on Yelp and found a German restaurant in Glendale, AZ 'Haus Murphy' - what a great unexpected experience. We had stuffed mushrooms, meatloaf with red cabbage, Wiener Schnitzel (the real thing) and with our coffee a 'Schnaps'. Good times.
If you can't take a full vacation, a weekend away from home and work will energize and lift your spirits too.

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