Ten on Tuesday - 10 Things to Like About the Month of March

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Haft-Sin Table

Can you believe it's already March?
Living in San Diego there is not much excitement about the winter backing down. Although we did have a few really cold nights here, we still cannot call it winter. So March is not really a special month in that way. But it is the month of the beginning of Spring. The vernal equinox, officially starts on March 20, 2011. What do I like about March?
  1. Day Light Savings time is on March 13th. Not that I like to lose that one hour, but the days are longer and it is so much nicer to walk the dogs before it gets dark.
  2. Time to plant the one tomato on the patio. This year I will have a few seedlings of some heirloom tomatoes that I bought just to save the seeds, of course they were great on my sandwich, too. Seedlings go to friends with backyards.
  3. It is also time to resoil my planter boxes on the patio too. Every two years the whole soil should get changed, the geraniums should be cut back and little nice colorful plants are planted in between. 
  4. Beginning of Spring, March 20th, is also the first day of the first month (Farvardin) of the Persian Calendar and the celebration of No-Rooz, the Persian New Year. I try to keep up the tradition and set up the beautiful, decorative 'Haft-Sin' and cook a special persian dish. But more about that when the time is near.
  5. It is time for the desert blooming. This year I would love to take a day trip to Anza Borrego State Park and see if the desert flowers are colorful after a very good rainy season.
  6. It's always BBQ season here, but it's more fun when the weather warms up, so it's BBQ time.
  7. Spring Cleaning - not on my list
  8. Spring flowers are so pretty and a joy to look at, but I don't like cut flowers in a vase at home. (I forget to take care of them)
  9. Spring Training - Go Padres!
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