Ten on Tuesday - 10 Favorite Smells

PERFUME DE MULHER - Scent of a WomanImage by jonycunha via FlickrSmells are always associated with a memory of something. There are a few smells that are very special to me:

- Lavender - reminds me of my grandfather "Opa Paul" who used a lavender scented aftershave. He was the black sheep of the family, but kids adored him, because he clowned around all the time. My grandmother did not have an easy life with him.

- Grape flavored Cool-Aid - I visited a private american kindergarten in Tehran in the 60s. Snacks were cool-aid and chocolate chip cookies from the PX. I fell in love with them and will never forget the good time I had as a 5-year old.

- Whiskey-Coke (breath) - my cousin, Ralf, three/four-times removed, I don't know exactly how we were related, I think he was the son of my grandmother's cousin, but I adored him. He drank a lot and I liked his whiskey breath (yes I kissed him when I was 15).

- Puppy breath - I have always been in love with puppies. When I was little I told my mother that I would rather have a puppy than a baby. I still feel that way some days.

- Railroad tracks - they smell like burnt wood, which reminds me of the Berlin subway (U-bahn).

- Chlorine - hot summers at the pool

- Scented Geraniums - or any kind of scented plant. I love to rub the leaves of scented plants. Lemon Balm, Geraniums, Jasmin flowers, mint, etc. It just gives me a kind of rush and I put together small bouquets to take to the office and smell them every now and then.

- Well, I have to admit, the smell of a joint - I have never tried one myself but it has been around me since high school and I like the sweetness of it.

- Fresh laundry - I am sure that everyone loves the smell of fresh linen and sheets. I don't know why my mom's laundry always smells so much better than mine.

- Leather - it smells like luxury in a new BMW. Which brings me back to Germany every time.

I would love to have a sample case to pick up a bottle every now and then and go back in time just by smelling and taking in the different scents. Remember the movie 'French Kiss'? Kevin Kline, who played the French Guy 'Luke' had a sample case in his room to distinguish the different smells that can be detected in wine (oh, I forgot wine on my list).
Thanks, Carol, for a fun topic.
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  1. I'm up with all of these except the joint. I got to experience way too much second hand smoke growing up!