Kool-Aid and Chocolate Chip cookies

Yesterday's entry "10 Favorite Smells" brought back many memories. The one which stood out the most was my time in kindergarten in Tehran in the 1960s. I still remember it so well although it was over 45 years ago. I was supposed to be enrolled in the German kindergarten, but they were full and could not accept any more kids that year.

My Kindergarten Certificate

So my parents found a private kindergarten, which was run by Mrs. Betty Goss out of her home (on Zafar Street). An older gentleman (in our eyes he seemed old - he could have been 30'ish) would pick up kids from various neigborhoods in a large station wagon (Amir-Abad, in my case).
I attended the all-day program for a few weeks. This was the time my mom was pregnant with my sister, which I do not remember at all as she never mentioned that I would have a sister or brother soon. I never noticed any change in her appearance either, but I doubt that a 5-year old would pay attention to that. We would have to take naps after lunch on the big king size bed in the masterbedroom on the second floor. I loved that bed because it was so big and soft. There were only a few of us in the afternoon.
We did a lot of arts and craft and coloring, of course, that's what you do in kindergarten. I loved the assortment of crayon colors and the coloring books or sheets. I should have added in my entry, that the smell of crayons reminds me so much of that time.
For Valentine's Day we were supposed to make cards for our friends or maybe for everyone of the kids. At home we did not have much craft material and there was no stationery store in our area. So mom took my dad's Winston cigarette boxes and we cut out the red parts shaped as hearts.
I learned a lot about America during that time, about Presidents, the Capitol, Thanksgiving, Johnny Appleseed, Christmas carols, etc.

Christmas 1962

Christmas carols
My sister was born in December and I know that my mom did not come to our Christmas event. My dad was there taking pictures. I am the one looking into the camera, singing along, 'Jingle Bells' I assume. The time spent at Betty Goss' Kindergarten and Nursery has made a big impression on my life. I had fun and it felt like family and I wanted to live in the US where they have Kool-Aid and chocolate chip cookies and crayons in every color. It took a long time to get here but now I am and I am very happy I did.
I have searched the internet, but was not able to find any mention of this kindergarten, too bad, I would have loved to hear about other peoples' experience.


  1. Anonymous6:07 PM

    Priceless pics. I can pic you out

  2. Deanna9:33 AM

    I just sent you an e-mail! I went to school at Betty Goss too!!! A few years after you did so I believe Betty Goss leased out a real school building by the time I went there which was only 5 years later. I also sent you my Kindergarten certificate. Same EXACT signature that's on yours! I love your comment about Kool-Aid and crayons. We missed those things too and we loved that once a week we could purchase a Hershey bar! But I really LOVED living there.