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Not about knitting - as there is no knitting here. Giving my hands some rest and waiting for some tests to be done. Wish I had not gone to the doctor in the first place as she started talking about all the bad stuff like cortisone shots and surgery. Not for me, no..... maybe a brace and therapy but that's all I will do. Yes, I can be stubborn.
So, reading (and unfortunately eating) are my hobbies now. Now that I got my Kindle, I have only read the Hornet's Nest on it. After I was done and at a low point, a void, after so much action, my co-worker dropped four books on my desk a few days ago. I have finished two of them and they were on my reading list too. That was exciting.

The first one is The Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet. I saw that many bloggers had that book on their list as well. It's in my "I like it" category. A bitter sweet love story switching narration between the 40s and the 80s in Seattle. It describes the sad history of the japanese internment camps and how the two main characters are torn apart. It was not a tear jerker, no, but really sad and astounding to read about the impossible way the japanese were treated at that time.
Oh, tearjerker! - have you ever seen the movie "7 pounds" with Will Smith? Oh my, on a Sunday afternoon on the couch with a headache (I think I got that from hitting my head really hard in the kitchen), moping around all afternoon and then watching this movie... that really ended my Sunday in tears. Next on my Netflix queue is "Milk"...
Ok, I am rambling here, back to the books.

I picked up "A Reliable Wife" after that and just finished it. This one is so different to all the other books. The story is set in Wisconsin in the winter of 1907. So it is cold throughout the book. The woman who travels to meet her future husband has evil plans. It's kind of a gothic tale, dark, seductive and erotic.
The reviews are all over from 1 to 5 on Amazon, some loved it, some did not care for it at all. I actually liked it.
And now I started Shanghai Girls. Set in 1937 about two sisters living in Shanghai and about to marry and move to the US. So let's see how that one will play out.

Oh, just remembered that on my Kindle I read the short story by Rachael Herron, Honeymooning. It's short, sweet, witty and romantic. Her second book is out since yesterday How to knit a Heart back Home. It probably will be a cute one too. On my list.

I have found a way to archive the books I've read, more about that in another post.

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