Ten on Tuesday - 10 Things On Your Nightstand/Bedside Table

My nightstand is my favorite small personal area. It's mine and no one else's. Lots of things accumulate on it over time and I have to declutter and rearrange it every now and then.
My nightstand

Currently it houses these things:

1. Alarm clock - I have had this for ages - brought it along from Germany and it is always reliable.
2. A lamp - this lamp may be old maybe not. We bought it probably 8 years ago at a small antique store in Santa Cruz, CA. It has a sticker on the bottom: "Present from Dorothy and Dean Dixon - 11-14-1996".

Mom and Blacky - Teheran '70s

3. Picture frame #1 - A picture of my mother and our cocker spaniel mix "Blacky" in the '70s. My mom is reading a paperback book on the terrace of our house. She is always reading. Blacky is sitting in front of her, leaning against her, as he always used to do. Mom is surrounded by her lovely plants, mostly geraniums as they thrived in the summer heat in Tehran and a large philodendron. We all loved this house a lot but had to move back to Germany, dog included, after the revolution started in '79.

Mom & Dad - Point Reyes

4. Picture frame #2 - A shot of my parents when they visited us in San Jose in 2001. We took a day trip to Point Reyes National Park, north of San Francisco. It was a wonderful trip. The lighthouse is located about 300 steps at the bottom of the cliff. When we reached it we were able to see migrating whales which was a wonderful experience. The beach of the Point Reyes Seashore is so wide and stretches out for miles - it would have been a wonderful place to take a walk and collect shells and pebbles, maybe sea glass. But we were out of time and could only take a few pictures. The photograph shows my parents standing on the beach.

New York 1997

5. Picture frame #3 - This picture was taken in New York close to Central Park, I think in front of FAO's Schwarz Toy store. Me and my best friend (I have known her since we were 10 years old). This was in August 1997, the weekend that Diana died in Paris. I was visiting my friend and had my daughter along, she was 8 at that time and probably totally bored with the two of us. Of course we had to follow the tragedy on TV constantly and that is the only thing that M remembers of her trip to NY with her mom. I hope she will experience New York in a more fun way.
6. Burt's Bees Lemon Butter cuticle creme - I try to use this every night
7. A glass of water.
Aveda Hand Relief
9 My pills - high blood pressure, low thyroid, high cholesterol and my menopausal relief "Remifemin" which I order on Amazon - I swear it has helped me sleep better and I have no more hot flashes.
10. And my books and my Kindle (not in the picture because it is in my purse).
Exactly ten items. Cool

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