Ten on Tuesday - 10 Favorite Non-Knitting Blogs

Carole sent out a great topic today. I am curious what kind of blogs other participants will list. There are so many interesting blogs (yes even non-knitting blogs) out there, but one cannot be aware of all of them and this will help to add a few to my Delicious Bookmarks. My favorites are (in no particular order):

  1. Behind the Stick - serving up bar stories one sip at a time
  2. Cake Wrecks - these pictures of cake decorating gone wrong make me laugh out loud
  3. Farmgirl Fare - recipes, farm life and cute animal pictures
  4. Frugal for Live - great saving tips
  5. Philofaxy - for the Filofax enthusiast
  6. Smitten Kitchen - foodblog
  7. Soshable - social media blog
  8. Tea and Cookies - food blog
  9. Mashable - Social Media News
  10. The Pioneer Woman - photography, food and my favorite Charlie, the basset hound
And now off to read all the other entries. If you would like to join here is the link:

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  1. Pioneer Woman and Cake Wrecks are on my list too!