Tattoo of a Hornet's Nest?

I have been waiting for the mass paperback book of  The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest for so long, I kinda gave up. Now that I have my Kindle I ordered it from Amazon. I actually would have liked all three books side by side on the shelf, maybe some time later.
So I began reading the third book in this trilogy and there are a few parts that I have forgotten. What happened in Book 2 with Bjoerman? Who was Paolo Roberto again? I looked at 600+ pages of Book 2 and thought, I cannot read this a second time. So I searched online for a short summary of Book 2, The Girl Who Played with Fire. I found it on . Although it may not be perfect, it sure got me back up to speed. There may be other (better) sites, but I was so happy to have even thought of looking it up.
It is so much easier to read this book on the Kindle. Most importantly, it's easy to handle compared to carrying a 600+ pages book. I always have trouble laying it down flat as I eat dinner or do some mindless knitting. Impossible with a fat paperback. I would use all kind of weights to hold it down. Napkin holder, cellphone, pepper mill. Can you imagine what my book would look like later?
As I have the habit of scrolling through previous pages, I am now bookmarking sections on the Kindle so I can find them more easily in a large book as this. Especially with all these scandinavian names, it does sometimes get confusing.
I watched the movie on Netflix the other night. I like Noomi Rapace who plays the role of Lisbeth Salandar. That is actually the way I had imagined the girl to be. The Swedish language (I think it was Swedish although the movie is a Danish production) irritated me in the beginning of the movie. It seemed like I could understand it and would not need to read the subtitles, it just sounded like German, or like English, but then again, no I did not understand it.... Had I not read the book, I may have been lost as the movie was going way to fast in story. Probably not easy to pack all the information into such a short timeslot. Let's see how the American movie version will be.

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