FO: Citron done

Despite the hand issue, I finished Citron on Saturday night and blocked the shawl right away.

Then I had to take an ice bath. This is what I am trying to do now for a week each night, hopefully it helps the blood circulation. I did schedule an appointment for Friday morning with my doctor. And I do want to mention that my hand just looks this big from the angle the picture was taken.

Citron is such a wonderful pattern, a great idea with the ruffled parts, so easy, I could have come up with it, but alas, I am not creative at all.
The yarn is very nice to knit with. A fine yarn, no splits and even easy to knit with not so sharp knitting needle tips. I was using 2.5 mm circular needles, but they did not have the pointed tip.
The results after the blocking are soft, and detailed stitches are visible.

No model was to be found this morning and the shawl had to go off on its trip to the cousin, so the back of a chair had to do for the picture. I hope that it will comfort her and that she will enjoy it a bit.
I think I will knit another one as I still have one skein left. A very enjoyable knit.

For now we will rest the hands a bit.

Pattern by Hilary Smith Callis
Yarn: Punta Yarns, Lace space dyed
Needles: 2.5mm circular needles

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