Can I have ice with that?

Not much knitting going on here, actually none. My hands are not cooperating. And I think I have to give them some rest.
I have scheduled a doctor's appointment but am not really keen on going as she will only send me off to another doctor and then a specialist and so on. I have found an interesting group and thread on Ravelry where a knitter posted about pain in her wrists. One of the responses came from Joshua Tucker who has attended Stitches West a few years ago at the Massage Oasis booth. He is the Tendonitis Expert. Check out his website with suggestions on how to reduce inflammation by icing. I will start this tonight for seven days as suggested and will post updates here.

I am really bummed about not knitting as I need to finish the Citron shawl this weekend, so I can send it off to the cousin who is already doing so much better.
So there are four projects sitting in the basket, just waiting to be finished. What should I do in the meantime? Well, first of all, read of course. I just finished the third book in the trilogy, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest. I liked it. There were too many names which confused me at times, Niemenen/Niederman etc. but notes on a small Post-it took care of that. And now there is something like a void, I don't know what to read next. Whatever book I will choose it will probably not grab me and take a hold of me like Lisbeth did.

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  1. Try The Hunger Games. Seems like an unlikely subject matter but the story was fascinating! And I agree - WAY too many names!