Ten on Tuesday - Ten Ways to be more organized

The best tips I have read are posted on Carole's blog. Great list, which I need to copy and apply to myself and everyone around me here at home. (That being just one person, the daughter M and two dogs).

By nature, I am a procrastinator, but I think an organized one.
Things run smoothly around here at home (mostly last minute, but that's what procrastinators do), I plan the
meals, do the shopping, pay the bills on time, file the papers, handle the correspondence, keep things clean and in order, remind everyone of upcoming events and appointments. How I do it, I don't know. I probably should learn "How to Delegate!"

I would need help to organize:

My recipes - clippings, handwritten notes, magazines, cookbooks and print-outs are all located in one cabinet
but in no kind of order and it is a major undertaking to find that cranberry/pomegranate relish recipe in November. I have started binders, 4x6 cards, excel sheets, pdf files, internet bookmarks. Nothing really worked for me so far.

My books - my Kindle may be a good help for future reading material, but what do I do with all the books and the 10+ boxes of books in storage? I do have a list of all my books in a little Moleskine notebook, that I update on a regular basis, I also update Shelfari, which is overkill.

My yarn - I need space in any closet to get a grip on this one. But there is none, so the yarn is kept in bags
under the bed which Gino, the chi-mix, loves to tug around under there.
I love Ravelry, where I can look up what yarns I have when I can't seem to find the bag under my bed. Just to
make sure that I have not lost my mind and imagined owning that Malabrigo sock yarn in blue.
Gino, the chi-mix  - loves to steal my yarn bags

Always open to suggestions.

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