Ten on Tuesday - 10 Favorite Health and Beauty Products

I forgot it is Ten on Tuesday today and today's topic is 10 Favorite Health and Beauty Products

Ok, so I am the old-fashioned Revlon Girl. "Never leave the house without some lipstick" (per mom) and always paint your fingernails and toenails the same color - this I stick to.
I think I am low maintenance but I could not live without:
  1. Rule Number 1 - never sleep with your make-up on. 
  2. My eye make-up remover is Johnsons Baby Oil and a tissue
  3. Eye-cream for the night Freioel Intensiv Creme (German product which I swear by)
  4. Moisturizer for day and night - Kaloderma (German)
  5. Deo - Ban 
  6. Perfume - Joop - Le Bain (German)
  7. Lotion St.Ives Hydrating Vitamin E 
  8. Nailpolish - Revlon mostly - favorite for summer is Tuscan Sun, but mostly I use mauve/brown tones.
  9. Lipstick - Revlon Colorstay Soft&Smooth #325 Fabulous Fig
  10. Hydration - Water with a slice of lemon, cucumber and a sprig of mint
Well, maybe I am a little high maintenance, because I need my sister to send me the German products that I would not want to miss. I have been using them for over 20 years and I do not want to change anything about that.

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    1. How funny! I have my mom send cosmetics from Germany too. I love Freiöl stuff but haven't tried the Intensiv Creme--gotta check it out! :)