January 24, 2011

My hands have started falling asleep again at night and I wake up, usually around 4am, with this tingling, burning sensation that I can't shake off. It must be a funny sight, when I sit up and start waving my hands sideways, clapping them over my head or rolling my shoulders while Gino, our chi-mix, wakes up and jumps on me all excited that something is up and one of his people is finally awake and he looks at me wagging his tail and waiting for a ball to magically appear which he is supposed to catch. My excercise remedy usually does not help but eventually after an hour or so I fall asleep again. It is exhausting. And it is time for an appointment with a massage therapist.
I have cut back on knitting a bit as I think that all this may be the beginning of some carpal tunnel issues.
Nontheless, I have started a new scarf, the Citron. This was a decision which I made in a matter of minutes.

The scarf/shawl will be a present to a cousin who at 46 has suddenly fallen ill and will be in and out of the hospital for a while. I am knitting it with good thoughts and well-wishing to her and I hope that the shawl will be a little comfort when she receives it. The yarn is Punta Lace and I bought it in December at the LYS Two Sister and Ewe in La Mesa with a good friend who was visiting while we checked out a few yarn shops. The shop has moved to a new location which is much larger and more open. I bought 2 skeins in green and two in brown.
For the Citron I chose the green, as it is a nice light color and should brighten up the cousin's day. I rolled the hank up into a skein the old fashioned way, over the back of a chair (there were no two hands available to borrow and the dogs really are not much help with that) and I cast on right away. This was four days ago and I hope to finish it asap. The yarns knits easily and it is a perfect choice for this pattern. I like the subtle variations of the greens, the show off beautifully.

My other projects are the 5-way shrug, about 3/4 done and the Hamamelis, which is still at the bottom of the knitting bag waiting to be finished. A pair of socks, I'm at the heel of the first one and I am working on a sleeveless top which I am knitting in the round and just winging it, let's see if this is worth writing down.
There is always something to do but I am not always in the mood to do something.

January is almost over, the days are getting longer and I am looking forward to spring.....

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  1. I love that! I'm not always in the mood to do something either! How easy it is to do nothing. Your cousin is a lucky duck - sending healing thoughts her way.