A good way to start

Did you know that it takes about 1.5 rows to knit (approx 125 stitches) in the same time that you rip a CD to your music files on your computer. That's what I have been doing all afternoon. I found some older CDs in storage when I stashed the x-mas decoration back in there. I was so glad to find some of them again and my iPod still has a lot of space. So, I copied some k.d.lang, elton john, beatles, pavarotti, rod steward, etc., also some German music, like Udo Lindenberg, Die Prinzen, usw. It also gave me a chance to clean up the iTunes files. I wanted to do this for a long time. Seems like a good way to start the new year. One thing I learned with iTunes is that I can't store the songs on an external harddrive, then they will not be available in iTunes next time you sync. Makes sense somehow, duh.

One more day off and then it is back to work. Although I am grateful for my job, I do wish I could stay home longer, it just feels so good. Maybe that's because I did not take any vacation last year. So, this year I will promise to take one or two vacations, even if they are short ones. Everyone needs that

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  1. Anonymous7:09 PM

    Yep more vacations are always good..