The other evening I sat down and picked up my Filofax to rearrange the pages again. Well, I like doing that!

I had kept some German colored dividers, pre-labeled (Kalendar, Notizen, Projekte, Informationen, Finanzen, Adressen) - I think a translation is not necessary. They are over 15 years old and I may use them again when I feel like reorganizing again. But for now they are retired. I really like the cream colored tabs in my personal Domino. So, I created an index page, after my mind cleared a bit and I had a vision of how to divide the sections. Sofar I had written down all my thoughts in the second section after the calendar. Mostly randomly in no particular order. It always takes me a while to find my comfort zone. Now I like the new result: Calendar, Notes, Lists, Books & Yarn, Home & Garden, Info. Yep, that is how I am winded at the moment. My To Do list is in section 3. Notes about books and new vocabulary in section 4, as well as any notes on yarn, patterns, knitting ideas. In section 5 I collect recipe ideas, anything home related, like measurements, decorating ideas, etc. Under Info I keep the personal info, medical updates, maps, etc. I think I can work with that.

In front of my diary/calendar I have a monthly overview which I printed from Outlook. Here I have a quick overview on birthdays or other important events of the current month. I will toss the page when  new month begins. In a previous entry I described how to print this monthly view in Outlook to fit the Personal Filofax.

I think I am getting to where I will feel most comfortable with my set-up. It may take a few more changes but that is exactly what makes it fun.

I still love my Domino and the rubber closure is perfect  (hoping it will hold for a very long time). You can stuff so much into the Filo, it just expands. Love it.

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