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Well I missed the massage therapist today. Too much to do at work. What a bummer. She will be back next Tuesday and then I will definitely schedule time with her.  

When I am not knitting, I am reading. Currently I am reading Pilgrims by Garrison Keillor always a good and funny one. Pontoon made me laugh out loud a few times and that is something I do not do often. 

During lunch I have a book at work that a co-worker gave me: Those who save us by Jenna Blum. At first I was not too inclined to read it as it is about survival during WWII. Usually a very depressing topic and it is a subject that has been discussed too many times at my parents' dinner table. As much as my mother has interesting stories to tell how she and the women on her side of the family survived, my father remains very silent about that time. And I often wonder about what he and his mother must have gone through. 
But back to the book. I did start reading it and it is good. Anna, a single mother during the war, tells her story of survival and she reminds me so much of both of my grandmothers. Jenna Blum describes the German women in such detail, that a single act like saving the string wrapped around a package brought back memories of my grandmother in her kitchen. I really recommend the book.

The latest books that I have finished are The Almost Moon by Alice Sebold. A very strange subject to write about, the narrator has murdered her mother and you follow her thoughts and memories during the next 24 hours. There are moments where you would agree that the mother has totally deserved this end and then you do see that the daughter actually loved her. It is definitely a dark book, but it was not depressing in any way. I thought it was interesting, well written, because I never felt like putting it down. Probably not for everyone. 

And Run by Ann Patchett. The life of a widower and his two adopted sons changes by a strange encounter when a woman throws herself in front of a car to save one of the sons from an accident. They wind up taking care of her little girl while the mother is in the hospital and it has a surprising twist. But I just could not get into it and the end was dragging itself. 

I still have one more book on my nightstand Woman of Rome by Lily Tuck. I have been fascinated by Lily Tuck's books and that is why I bought it. This is a biography of Elsa Morante, an Italian author, who I look forward to read about as I have not heard of her before.

So many books, so little time.....

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  1. I'm intrigued by the Sebold book. I wasn't a fan of The Lovely Bones, but this one sounds good!