No complaints - just trying to catch up

A Danish Christmas tree illuminated with burni...Image via WikipediaI have not had the time to read any of my favorite blogs, listen to any podcasts or write anything on my own. The last few weeks and the next one before the holidays are very busy at the office.

I am not complaining about the holiday preparations as those are all in check. Decorations are up, presents are bought and mailed to Germany and have arrived, as I hear. Presents for family here are ready to be wrapped and cookies are in their tins, waiting to be eaten (I don't like cookies too much myself, but know who would).
I never go to the malls, online shopping is my thing. I do not knit gifts for anyone as they are usually not appreciated, so no pressure there either. Although, I have sent off the Traveling Woman shawl to my mother. She is a knitter, she will appreciate the effort and it is cold where she lives and she can use the shawl every day.
We on the other hand here, are just accumulating our knitted objects, stored tightly in zip-lock bags until it gets cool one day. After the record warm temperatures last weekend, I am at a loss of what to wear. Currently it's 64F (or 15C) here and kind of nice to take a walk outside during lunch.
So, once again I am just saying that work is getting in the way of my leisure time. Doesn't it always do that?
I am glad that all is taken care of at home and I really enjoy coming into a nicely decorated home (although stuffed and crowded with the x-mas tree taking up a lot of space).
M has submitted her last assignment for college last night and she is unofficially a college graduate now. Number 1 Son (I only have one) and his girlfriend will be here for Christmas. These are the things that make me happy and for which I am grateful.  I look forward to an even more crowded home.
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