Happiness is a New Day!

Its the last day of the year. At this moment some are already celebrating the New Year, we still have all day to go.
2010 was a good year (knocking on wood - as there are still more than 12 hours left) and I achieved most of the goals that I had set for myself (except my weight, but that's ok).
I have not made any resolutions for 2011. Most important to me is to stay healthy and enjoy each day, one at a time. I am not in a rush nor is there a competition in life. I do not need to keep up with anyone as I do not care what others do or have. I am content with what I have and am grateful that all in my family are healthy and well. 2011 will be exciting as my daughter and my son will be graduating in May and my sister will hopefully visit on that occasion. That thought will get anyone through a long dreary January with a smile.

I will try to apply what Snoopy says: Happiness is a new day!
Happy New Year to all. Peace.

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