and all is quiet again...

It was a wonderful Christmas with both kids and their girl-/boy-friend here at home. We even played cards and ate the whole three days. And now that the family is gone again, the home is quiet. And I have so much leftovers, there will be no need to cook in the coming days that I am off from work. (yes, they did take some home with them) I have a big pot Mexican Bean Soup (cooked for their arrival), a big pot of Hungarian Goulash (made out of the fondue meat leftovers) and a half a meatloaf from Saturday's dinner (including the side dishes). Well, Moi always wants to spoil the kids and I guess I was successful in doing that with food.
Everyone got to play, even the pets. The dogs are tired and slept all day today, probably happy to get the couch back.
Now I look forward to one week off from work. A wonderful occasion to use this free time for things that I want to do. (not cook). Making a list of fun stuff. Lots of knitting time too. Enjoy your holiday!

Dexter spent some time checking out the goodies on the table while Gino looks very interested.

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  1. Glad you had a nice holiday! I love seeing my family, and I love getting my house back when they leave.