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The Lace Reader: A NovelLast night I finished the book The Lace Reader: A Novel which is on my "I like it a lot" list. It is set in today's Salem, MA but brings back some of the old history on witches and their crafts. The story holds many secrets which are slowly unraveled as you get to the end of the book. I liked the way the author reveals more information in different styles. Letters, notes and essays in between the narration tell you more and you just get curious about the ending and don't want to put down the book.
I made a note to get Brunonia Barry's other book The Map of True Places. It's on my Amazon list.
Last night I also remembered that I still have my Hamamelis shawl in my knitting basket and have ignored it for some time. Now that I am over the hype of the new Fall Season on TV and not watching that many shows anymore (I do need to see Mike & Molly on Mondays), I can continue knitting this pattern which needs much more of my attention than any previous ones.
I did not make it this week to particpate in Ten on Tuesday over at Carole's. the topic was 10 movies you would like to see in the theater. Well, here are some that I think really should be seen on the big screen in no particular preference:
  • Fantasia (or any old Disney movie)
  • Bonnie & Clyde (the 1967 one with Faye Dunnaway and Warren Beatty) I hear they are doing a remake, blaah
  • The Godfather - a classic - just look at all those young actors, now big stars, like Pacino and Keaton
  • StarWars - we stood in line for hours to get tickets for this on in 1977
  • Avatar - I saw it on a large TV screen and found it amazing, too bad I missed this one on the big screen.
I see I am stuck with the old classics.
Not much else happening here.

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    I like how you think..oh and cook too :-)