Ten on Tuesday - Ten Ways to Simplify your Life

I thought this would be a simple list. Have I simplified my life? I thought I had, but when I tried to list what simplifies it, I was not sure what to write down. It took me a moment to recognize ways that I may have chosen to make things easier. I am curious to read the other blogs to learn more.
  • Planning meals - I do not cook in advance, but I do try to cook food which then can be divided into two or three different dishes. Best example is to cook a whole chicken and use the meat and broth for chicken noodle soup, chicken tacos, chicken curry with rice, etc. Same can be done with ground meat...
  • Speaking of cooking, my biggest time saver in the kitchen is my pressure cooker. It is an old Presto pot which was a wedding gift from my parents. My mom has been using her Presto since the 60s and the are indestructable.
  • My lists - I love lists and make lists for everything. On Saturdays, my errand days, I write down the tasks in the order that I will run them. For some I do have to drive a bit further outside of our neighborhood, so I combine that with getting gas or a car-wash and groceries in that area, but I need to write it down, so I don't forget anything as I am out of my usual comfort zone.
  • Grocery shopping once a week. Shopping list is on the fridge and items can be added as needed. I only go once as I hate shopping (any kind of shopping)
  • Online shopping is a relief (see above)
  • Buying birthday/greeting cards in advance. As most of my cards are mailed (yes with the good old USPS) to Europe, I do need to get them out on time. So I usually buy the cards at the beginning of the month, write them, seal them with a stamp and mail them way in advance.
  • Routine - if my morning routine is interrupted, it gets complicated.
  • Decluttering - which I am in the process of one piece at a time.
  • Saying no to the things you do not want in life.
  • Not sweating the small stuff - It's so important to keep things simple. And if you did not have time to dust the livingroom, well then do it whenever there is time. Life is too short.

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