Ten on Tuesday - 10 Things I love about Thanksgiving

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Oh that is the perfect topic, of course. Who doesn't like Thanksgiving with all the food and drink, it's even better that Christmas and the cooking has begun:

  • Four day weekend 
  • Cooking with my daughter
  • Trying out new ways to perfecting the turkey
  • Experimenting with new recipes for side-dishes - oh and just this last Sunday I tried out the Sweet Potato dish that can be served as a wonderful appetizer.
  • Baking a dessert and/or bread - in my last entry I shared the recipe for the pumpkin spice whoopie pies, check it out - they are delicious.
  • Enjoying the wonderful aromas from all of the above
  • Having family and friends over or visiting family and friends
  • Watching the football game while the turkey is in the oven
  • Enjoying the leftovers the next day. I love turkey sandwiches with cranberry sauce
  • And the Christmas Season begins!

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