Best season to cook and bake.....

The wonderful season of cooking is here. This weekend, besides cleaning a little more detailed than usual, because visitors are expected, and also after being lazy on a rainy afternoon, I started cooking after 5pm on Sunday.
I found this recipe on Smitten Kitchen (one of my favorite cooking sites)  Sweet potatoes with goat cheese and it is something else, I mean actually literally. Something else, because I have never cooked sweet potatoes or yams before. They were not available in Germany, maybe now they are, but it is not a vegetable that is used in the German kitchen and  I was always curious what they would taste like. Now at previous Thanksgiving celebrations I have tasted the sweet potato dish that probably came out of the can. Today I have bought my first fresh ones and made this recipe. Yeah, it's good, but definitely different for my taste.

Waiting for the second batch
As the oven was still hot, I decided to make these pumpkin spice whoopie pies, and I can't remember where I read about them, on which blog I mean. There seem to be multiple recipes on the web. I saw this one on a blog and I should have taken notes - which I always forget, to link back to that site.
The dough was easy to make, so was the filling. The filling was a bit soft, but in the fridge it should harden again. Maybe because I used the light version of cream cheese. But very tasty, I tell you.

So, this was kind of a quiet weekend. A few busy ones are on their way. Family and friends being together on Thanksgiving and then - I really look forward to the weekend after - a dear friend visiting. That would mean, knitting, antique shop browsing, a picnic by the beach (you see I have already planned out everything). It's going to be fun.

Now it's time to wash some more dishes. Good night.


  1. Oh, I love sweet potatoes! I use them often--very high in vitamins. I like to use them in place of regular potatoes in stew, roast them along with pork loin or pot roast, slice and fry them like french fries, or slice them thin and make sweet potato chips in the oven.

  2. Anonymous12:31 PM

    Oh my you got my mouth watering