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A few posts ago I listed my books on the nightstand. I have read Little Bee and wrote about it here. I do have to add now after I had time to digest it, that it's a really good book, but it's not amazing, that's how I feel about it now. It is a good story, sad and frustrating, and very much as real life can be.
Yesterday I finished Crow Lake by Mary Lawson. This book goes into my category of  'I really like this one' too. A family story - relationships between siblings who are coping with events from the past. Lawson keeps you kind of in suspense and you can't put the book down because you really want to know what really happened in the past. I like the characters, Kate seems to be struggling the most dealing with her emotions and not being able to forgive and forget, although it was the brothers who carried all the burden and they have moved on with their life, she has not. The ending is good, so much said. It is not one of those completely open ends left up to the reader to decide which way to take it. I look forward to putting the second book by Mary Lawson The Other Side of the Bridge on my list. Thanks for the tip on this one, Frieda.
And today I started the The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen, spiced with a littly magic, romance and family secrets. It's a good start.
But the best news of all is that I finished the Traveling Woman shawl last night. It's bound off and needs to be blocked over the weekend. Some yarn is left and I am not sure if I should knit a headband or wristwarmers to go with the shawl. Pictures will follow.

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