Moods and books

After being without a good book for a while, I have stocked up and spent more than I had planned on my last Amazon order. I only wanted to order the Artisan Bread book and my new wonderdrug 'Remifemin' which is supposed to help with those darned hot flashes, anxiety attacks (well, they are not really attacks, but I do have the weirdest emotional rollercoaster rides in the middle of the night) and mood swings. My sister told me that they have helped her and I have to take them twice a day for a few weeks before results kick in. Last week I had my annual check up and mentioned these to my doctor and she said that it was ok to take them. The herbal hollistic meds are a good alternative to hormone treatment, but she assumes that they usually do have a bit of estrogen to help, although this product is made of a black cohosh extract that does not have any estrogenic effects. We shall see if I still have to fan myself with a paper plate at a luncheon or wake up in the middle of the night hoping that I do not really have a body hidden in the trunk of my car. (I do write down the dreams to not forget the crazyness).
But now I am totally off topic here. I wanted to show you the books that I have on my nightstand now. I have to smile everytime I go to bed. I was not sure which to start reading first.

I am not really good at reviewing books, see my Shelfari link: All the books I've read since living in the US are listed, but barely commented on. I'm more like, 'wow, I really liked this one' to 'not bad'. But I will try to just say what I feel reading 'Little Bee'. The author, Chris Cleave is able to describe the different emotions of a woman, be it Sarah who has just lost her husband, dealing with his death and kind of justifying her ex-marital affair or Little Bee the refugee from Nigeria. It is amazing how he voices their trail of thought. Two completely different women from totally different backgrounds with various fears and issues, but linked together by an encounter on a beach in Nigeria. It is a great story and unfortunately so close to reality. Definitely worth adding to your library.
So, I have at least read one of the books of my summer-reading list. Just started Crow Lake by Mary Lawson. The beginning is already very promising.

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  1. Thanks for the tip re " Little Bee" , sounds interesting . I read Crow Lake ages ago and really liked it . I see that you have Mary Lawson's other book on your summer reading list . That one was my favourite of the two .

    Thanks for your kind words about my knitting . I seem to be doing more knitting these days than reading . I'm sure that will change once the holidays are over .