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In addition to my planner/notebook/journal and paper addiction, I have a pen obsession. I carry about 15 pens in my bag, from pencil, rollerball, gel to ballpoint and fountain pens. Black, blue, green and purple.
At home I have so many refills that it is not even funny anymore. It's just that as soon as I find the perfect
pen, I buy many refills so I can use this favorite one for a long time as they do get discontinued after a while.
It never occurs to me that these refills might dry out!?
So, I buy a new notebook/journal and just keep it. I cannot bring myself to write on the first page. I put them on my bookshelf and contemplate for a long time what I could use them for. Sometimes it takes weeks before I find the best solution. Some just stay on the shelf forever.
In the case of a Moleskine address book, which has cut-out A-Z tabs, I decided to use this as my BOOK journal. Using a 0.5mm HB retractable pencil (just in case) I listed all books I have read alphabetically by author and added a notation to very special/favorite ones.
As for my new Domino Personal Filofax, I already knew that I wanted to make the best use of it and did not hesitate to write in it. I tend to test out my pens on the paper of each notebook first. I took all my favorite pens and tried them out on a blank sheet.
My alltime favorite pen is the Pentel Energel extrafine point. It writes smoothly on any paper, also on the Moleskine notebooks without bleeding. I use this pen all day for notes at work and (shhhh) doodles during meetings. My second choice is the Pilot V-Ball extra-fine. I use the purple and green one for notes that I want to stand out on my Adams quad notebook at work.
Further down my list are the Parker Ballpoint Jotter, the Zebra F301 Ballpoint, the Uniball Signo 207.
I want to try out the BIC Triumph Gelpens one day, too.
Just recently I found a pack of 10 colored little felt-tip pens (they're only 3inches long) for just $1.50 at a toystore. Of course I carry them with me in my bag, they barely take up space. You never know when I have the impulse to draw something. I also have a little travel-watercolor pack which I take on long trips together with my Moleskine watercolor notebook. (I have not gone on a long trip in a while, maybe I should use them over the weekend - good plan)
I do not collect any fountain pens (yet), but I still have the Pelikan and Lamy pen which I used in highschool and I enjoy writing with them every now and then.
And so to summarize, I am really very happy with my Domino personal FF. The size is right, the style is right. I love the navy-blue color of the binder and the cream interior. Oh, one of the things I forgot to mention in my binder review post is the default calendar that is included in the delivery. It's a 2-page-per-week which is fine, but I am not too crazy about having four languages next to English, it takes up too much space. I will go back to my horizontal 2-page-per-week next year.
As for pens, the Energel and the Jotter are the ones I use most and I have also clipped a pencil between the binder rings.
The set-up that I have now works great and I will continue to customize it as I go along.
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  1. So the fact that I recently wrote a check with the stubby end of a broken crayon I dug out the bottom of my purse would probably make you cringe, huh? ;)

  2. Awww no! that could never happen to me. And Crayons? Really? Can't get any worse! ;-)

  3. Anonymous6:43 PM

    Somebody loved her crayons alot as a lil girl..