Ten on Tuesday - 10 Things in Your Refrigerator Right Now

rasberry smoothie closeupImage by placbo via FlickrM and I are on our own for a while now and she is on the "let's eat more healthy with less carbs" trip. Good
thing really, I need to lose a few pounds and also want to be healthy, so we changed our shopping list and I am having the worst time coming up with recipes for dinner. In my opinion we have always cooked and eaten healthy, mostly all was done from scratch with fresh ingredients, but I am such a potato, rice and bread person. It's hard to reduce these on our menu. Here is the inventory status on Monday evening:
  • 4 porkchops - I found a great recipe for Baked Porkchops somewhere (can't find it now) but here is how it goes: Mix 1 cup breadcrumbs with spices (paprika, oregano, chilipowder, garlic powder, pepper/salt). Beat an eggwhite with some milk. Add porkchops to this mixture, then coat them with the spiced breadcrumbs and bake in a nonstick pan at 375 for 15 minutes on each side. Kind of like that - it's fast and they taste great and it's for dinner tonight.
  • Plain Hummus - as a snack we cut up some carrots, celery and cucumbers and dip them in Hummus. Yummy!
  • Greek Yoghurt - although this is more expensive than the regular one, it tastes so much better. I am trying to make my own yoghurt, just have to go through some mishaps before I get it right. M has yoghurt and granola for breakfast, I am copying her.
  • Small tray with fresh rasberries, they were on sale this weekend and I am adding them to my granola breakfast.
  • Cottage cheese - I love baked potatoes topped with cottage cheese. Or just add some salt, pepper and paprika (and chopped green onions if available) to it and use as dip for potato chips (the real ones please) - yummy.
  • Milka chocolate - our favorite - this time my sister sent me the 'rum raisin' variety. 
  • Pinot Grigio - I always have a bottle of white wine in the fridge.
  • Fruit - momentarily Fuji apples, 2 pears, 2 kiwis, grapes, not mentioning the rasberries which I have been noshing on and not many left. (I actually added a handful to my glass of wine). I always buy fruit but usually they just waste away because no one eats them. Unless I cut up fruit and serve them (the family members, dogs included) on a silver platter.
  • Margarita Mix - got to have that handy. I am not listing items in the freezer, but that's where the tequila and vodka are stashed.
  • Salsa - Pace salsa, the Picante Sauce, medium. You got to have salsa, it's great on scrambled eggs, and baked potatoes and so much more.
Seems like a healthy stock. I just weighed myself and saw that I lost 3 pounds, way to go..
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  1. Ohh, cottage cheese as a potato topper sounds great!