September in San Diego

Am I lucky or what? My friend won a complimentary night at a top hotel in downtown San Diego and invited me. Of course I said yes. We had a good time. The hotel was great and look at the view from our room. People pay a lot of money for this to stay in San Diego and we live here.... wooo hoo ....

We checked in and then we enjoyed the view. Don't you just want to jump into the pool? Of course not from the 19th floor.

We had a great time, dinner was wonderful. We were at Buster's Beachhouse and I had a Pork Luau which was super. It came with coconut rice and mango salsa, always good. I had a rum mixed drink, forgot the name but it was good, had some pomegranate juice in there.
Back at the hotel, we enjoyed the view,

of downtown San Diego, some HBO which both of us do not have at home and most fun of all was to fill out the room service card for the breakfast in bed.
Good times.
I wore my Blue Jeans shawl at dinner. Good thing it got finished in time. Although we are having a hot weekend (in the 100s) the restaurant was blasting the a/c and the shawl was perfect to feel comfortable during dinner. More on the shawl later.

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  1. For our second anniversary, my husband and I left our baby with my mom and spent a night downtown. We stayed in a hotel and saw a show and walked around, pretending we were visitors. It was so much fun!