September 1

Knitting has been put on the backburner, due to wrist pain probably coming from assembling swedish furniture. Just M and me, but we did it. One has strong legs, that would be M, as she works out and and runs regularly, the other (that's me) has strong arms. What a surprise, although my underarms are still jiggly. All that work helped me lose 2 pounds, I guess.

Here is the desk, this was the easiest to put together and it went up first. The more time consuming was the dresser, but a friend helped out, we had to bribe him. We promised that I would cook chili and rice, his favorite of my dinners. So be it, stirring a pot of chili is nothing compared to using one of these angled wrenches that come with the pieces.
And finally we put together the bed. The room looks great now and the black/brown furniture goes so well with the color on the wall. Now M just has to do the small stuff, like throwing away lots of unnecessary things so her room will stay organized. With this part she is on her own. 
Btw, it's her last semester at college and she had  her last first day at school on Monday. 

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  1. The room looks great!

    I've had several of my own Ikea moments. The worst was staying up until 3am to put together my son's desk, and then realizing I couldn't carry it up the stairs! (There was no space in his room to assemble it, so I got smart and put it together in the living room. Not.)

    I HATE those allan wrenches.