Remembering 9/11

Nine years ago we woke up to the horrific news. My parents, my sister, her husband, her son were all visiting from Germany to celebrate my dad's 70th birthday. We were in shock and could not believe what had happened. I frantically called my best friend in New York to see if she was ok, because she worked in that area at that time. All was fine and I cried when I heard her voice answering the phone. For days people were honking on the street to show their solidarity and my father and I would stand at the crossing watching, waving and wiping away tears. As horrible as these weeks were, they were also the best weeks in my life. This was the last time that we were all together as one family, united, sharing our emotions as we never did before, grieving for the lost and celebrating our family. 9/11 will always be remembered bitter and sweet.

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