One more pen

I went out and bought the BIC Triumph 730R Rollerball pen. I had to try it out, but I am not too excited about the feel. This is a 0.5mm extra fine tip, which I prefer. The pen feels too light in my hand and the plastic casing, which looks cheap by the way, is a bit slippery to the grip. A pen must have a specific weight to feel right and a good grip. Although this one does describe its contoured grip area, I just cannot feel it at all.
It has a slight scratch when writing and a little more bleed through the paper than my Pilot V-ball.
It's good enough for the office but not perfect enough for my notebooks.

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  1. Thank you for the comment on my blog! It always makes my day! :)
    I think I have to get new pens for the house.. Just read your entry and oh man.. we only have the mixed together kind of pens LOL Strays from all over the place!