Go Bolts!

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Ten on Tuesday - 10 Reasons to watch Football.
I just saw my team lose last night, but the season just started so there is much to look forward to. Here are the reasons why I watch Football:
  • I like football (and baseball - but can't sit through a soccer game)
  • San Diego Chargers - I like this team since we moved here, Flutie was the quarterback when I started watching, Breese is a quarterback whom I still follow as well, after he had a great season with the Saints. Can't say I am a big fan of Rivers yet - and I miss Tomlinson.
  • Getting together with family and friends, it's much more fun to watch in a group and be able to ask why their was a flag.
  • Mixing a few cocktails - you can get very experimental and have everyone taste new concoctions
  • Eating unhealthy appetizers - I just love appetizers, especially the ones that are bad for you 
  • Going to the Q - experiencing the game at the stadium at least once in the season is fun
  • Football is always a good time for knitting 
  • Watching good-looking guys grab the ball and everything else
  • Wearing Chargers gear on game-day
  • Providing a shoulder for someone to cry on after a big loss
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  1. My husband's oldest sister, her husband, their sons, and her in-laws make a list each year of who is in charge of Football Food for the whole season. I think it is great that they have a fun reason to hang out together so much even though football is not for me.

  2. Great list... amen to football & knitting (and cocktails)!

  3. Great list! My husband used to live in San Diego, so he's a Charger's fan, too!