The Blue Jeans Shawl

Its done! Fun to knit and fun to wear.
This is a wonderful pattern, easy to memorize and it could be a fast knit, if it weren't for the warm summer days  that kept me from knitting. I am sure that I will knit another blue jeans shawl for a family member or friend some time.
The yarn is nice and soft to the feel, but not extremely soft as other knitters describe it. It is a pleasure to knit as there was no splitting and I think the 4.5mm size is perfect. The yarn's thickness does fluctuate to a thinner thread at moments, but just in a subtle way which only a knitter can feel while knitting, you do not notice it in the finished object. The color is wonderful, I love the dark midnight blue and the variation to lighter and purple hues. It is the exact color that I had imagined to use for the Blue Jeans Shawl.
Measurements: The wingspan is 58" and depth is 29" (150x75cm). I count 21 pattern repeats.

by spinndiva
411.5 m (450 yards) = 1 skein
4.5 mm (US7) double pointed metal needles
June 29 - September 24, 2010

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