Ten on Tuesday - 10 Things To Bring on Vacation

The Afternoon of the Soul

What is that again? It seems as if I never take any vacation anymore. In the old days, that is 15 years ago when we used to live in Germany and we had six weeks of vacation (what was I thinking of leaving that) - we would go on four week vacations in the summer and one week in winter time. Favorite destinations were Italy, mainly Tuscany on the coast of the Ligurian Sea. Viarregio was the closest town to the small beach resort Lido Di Camaiore that we stayed in. Ahh, I can still smell the wonderful typical scents of olive trees, ocean, prosciutto, garlic, espresso etc. The food was divine and so was the wine. If you ever plan on a vacation to Italy, that is the best area to visit. Close to Lucca, Firenze, Pisa, Carrara - all historical places that we would drive to with small kids in the back of the car. No complaints. The hotel would put together lunch boxes and we were off to a picnic in Lucca, sitting on the ancient town walls and enjoying the sun, the view and the great sandwiches the cook made for us.
So nowadays,  vacation is a long weekend. The last time I traveled was to Sedona. 10 things I took on my vacation were:
  1. Two knitting projects - portable and mindless, like socks
  2. Maps - I do not have a GPS navigator and I rarely use my cellphone to check out where I am, I still like to print out Google maps or use the old Thomas guides and maps that are stashed in the car.
  3. Lists - of points of interest, places to sightsee, recommended restaurants, etc.
  4. Essential travel documents - as long as I have my ID documents, one creditcard and a cellphone with me, I am fine, all the rest that I have forgotten to pack can be purchased. 
  5. Book - usually one book that is an easy read which I can put down and pick up again any time without losing track of the story or the characters in it.
  6. Notebook and pen - to write down expenses, take notes on special places that are recommendable, create lists (again) of things that I encountered, sketch or draw. Sometimes I bring color pencils or even a small watercolor travelpack with me.
  7. Camera - a no-brainer for any trip.
  8. Loungewear - I always have to remind myself to bring along my large t-shirt or pj's and carry a pair of flipflops with me, to slip on when going to any bathroom. I do not like to be barefoot in a strange place, just in case.
  9. Bathingsuit, sunglasses, sunscreen, sunhat - usually all hotels have a pool, and I like to lounge with a nice fruity drink.
  10. Water, snacks, like nuts and dried fruit and some hard candy to enjoy during a car ride or in the hotel room at night.
Looking forward to my next trip, which will actually be a birthday trip with a good friend to Vegas. Celebrating her 40th. My List of things to pack is ready.

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