Shrug This

The pictures did not turn out that great, I took them late in the evening and the lighting was not right at all. But the pattern is great. Shrug This is an easy and fast knit (I finished this in two days) and a seamless project,too - whoo hoo.
I have had this Crystal Palace yarn, called Glam for some time now and have casted on many times, just to start over again, because the pattern was never right. Browsing Ravelry to see what others had knit with this yarn, I found kricketknits and her shrug. I made this for my sister in Germany. DH was scheduled to leave for a trip so I knitted this in two days for him to take along. She has received it and loves it. (pictures are of my daughter modeling late at night). This pattern is definitely a keeper. I have 2.5 skeins of Glam left and will make a second one for myself.

by Toni Kayser Weiner
Yarn: Crystal Palace Yarns Glam
217.5 yards (2.5 skeins)
6.0 mm 
July 25 - July 27, 2010

The moment anyone starts packing, the dogs put on a sad face. They know something is up and someone will be gone for a while. They both start to lay down on the suitcase and make a nuisance of themselves. Poor dogs.

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